KOR's Expertise: From Policies and Procedures to TCA and Quantitative Analysis


With decades of experience in US equity and options markets, KOR Group is uniquely positioned to help audit, measure, improve and achieve true Best Execution and trade performance. We are the only independent, unconflicted firm working for the buy-side. We can help firms adhere to their fiduciary obligation of Best Execution while reducing transactional friction, resulting in higher fund returns and better use of invested capital. KOR’s Best Execution Consulting provides firms with:

  • Independent evaluation and accreditation of your firm’s adherence to Best Execution
  • Full set of guidelines and recommendations to establish a new Best Execution process or refine an existing one
  • Identification of opportunities to improve execution quality and reduce implementation costs
  • Identification of improvements to execution partner relationships
  • Multi-broker, multi-venue analytics
  • Multi-dimensional and cross-sectional analysis

Let us help you leap ahead of you competition, reduce your transaction costs, and provide peace-of-mind for your clients that you are far exceeding current Best Execution requirements.

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