KOR Group LLC is a consultancy that provides expertise and guidance on: 

  • Best Execution compliance & accreditation – Helping firms implement best practices, compliance procedures, supervisory procedures and qualitative measurements. 
  • Market-structure and strategy – Educational workshops, strategic guidance and a full compresensive database of comparitive metrics.
  • Order-Flow Transaction Cost Analysis –  Algo & venue level trading analysis. 
  • Strategic guidance – Providing specialized knowledge and expert testimony.

Today’s trading markets are highly fragmented and complex and you cannot afford to overlook the latest changes in market policy that affect your business.

We pride ourselves in offering independent and un-conflicted analysis and advice to our client base which includes a spectrum of leading stock exchanges, alternative trading systems, asset managers, robo-brokers, trading firms, US government agencies and more.

Explore KOR Group’s un-conflicted and transparent offering or contact us to help your firm gain or keep a competitive edge in today’s fragmented market space.

Members receive detailed data, in-depth analysis and monthly market structure reports.
Best Execution Accreditation: Quantitative, Objective, Independent. We help firms audit, measure, improve and achieve true Best Execution.
Workshops to take your firm to the next level in your market structure understanding.



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