KOR Group LLC is a market structure research and analysis firm that provides unparalleled research and data analysis.  With access to our comprehensive database of Self-Regulatory Organization “SRO” filings, SEC Rule 605 and 606 data, white papers and our own research, our clients enjoy a sweeping but readily comprehensible view of the market as it evolves.

Today’s markets are highly complex.  You cannot afford to overlook the latest changes to market policy. KOR Group brings you up to speed and keeps you there.  We combine an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the markets with extensive research on industry events as they happen in real time.

KOR Group is the only industry source at its price point that provides this comprehensive a review of market structure. Sign up today and begin navigating market structure with ease.

Members receive detailed data, in-depth analysis and monthly market structure reports.
Best Execution Accreditation: Quantitative, Objective, Independent. We help firms audit, measure, improve and achieve true Best Execution.
Workshops to take your firm to the next level in your market structure understanding.



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