KOR Group LLC is an advocacy and consulting firm providing participants with insight and expertise in navigating market structure, understanding evolving technology, tracking regulatory initiatives and lobbying legislative policy. 

Today’s markets are highly complex and you cannot afford to overlook the latest changes to market policy. KOR Group brings you up to speed and keeps you there.  KOR combines an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the markets with extensive research on industry matters as they evolve. We work with our clients to ensure they align where necessary and drive technology efficiencies, regulatory compliance and profitability for their business.

Our collaborative approach means that we work directly with our clients to design, implement and achieve the intended goals of every assignment.

Members receive detailed data, in-depth analysis and monthly market structure reports.
Workshops to take your firm to the next level in your market structure understanding.
Consulting services for every need from electronic trading and order flow / routing to regulatory insight and understanding.

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